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Welcome, The podcast show is exploringU Counsellings gift to our clients and supporters; a celebration of our first decade in business.

Wherever you are in the UK and indeed, the world. They call me Kid! I am an educational psychologist and broadcaster. My co-presenter, Glenda D. Roberts director/founder of ExploringU Counselling, and I kick-off our new podcast show.



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Our audio series: There is a common term well-being, meaning the state of being happy, healthy, or prosperous. It's about the border universal, Non-physical Well-Being that flows naturally to all of us unless we do something to pinch it off, its application and which we desire for altruistic and self-seeking reasons, to share with you, the listener.


Episode 1: "Picking Up the Pieces"


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Merry stressmas, and an anxious New Year

Tips on managing employee stress at Christmas 

IT’S THE most wonderful time of the year, that's what the song says, anyway. But it can also be a very stressful time for many. For people already suffering from common mental illness (mild to moderate depression or anxiety), Christmas can be difficult because of the expectation to be happy, with existing feelings of inadequacy and isolation being compounded.
For others, financial strains and family tension can cause stress. There's a reason divorce lawyers are so busy in January.

Stress at home is not an employer’s responsibility, but it will be when it manifests at work. And after a long year, employees have stress buckets that are already full to the brim – it does not take much to tip a manageable situation into a health and employee situation disaster.
Managers can take simple steps to manage stress and manage health issues in the office which will benefit staff but also the bottom line.
None of the initiatives are costly, most are common sense and yet many businesses don't bother. Sometimes all that is needed is a little extra attention and some TLC.
These initiatives will help you get the best from your people, and who knows: they might even make them eager to return to work.

Encourage staff to take a digital detox overnight and at weekends. They will come to work more refreshed, more focused and less stressed. People are not machines; they cannot work 24/7 and be healthy.

It is also important to praise, approve and thank staff. Most Type A personalities who are at risk of a breakdown respond incredibly positively to such support.
It can be the difference between becoming ill and staying well. Make them feel valued. It costs nothing and engenders huge engagement.
Encouraging staff to do an online mindfulness course can be helpful in managing stress and recognising it can be an issue. Studies demonstrate reduction of 40 per cent to 59 per cent in stress, anxiety and depression in using mindfulness is a staggering 70 per cent.
Or, if you have one, remind staff that they have access to Employee Assistance Programmes to help them manage stress.

And finally – it is Christmas after all, so lighten the atmosphere in the office if you can: Christmas music, some extra foodie treats (Satsuma’s and dates, not just chocolate and mince pies), try to bring a bit of levity while still focusing on getting the job done. Create a team focus which has as its reward a nice long break over the holidays.


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